Chronicles of Iridia

The Prophecy of The Ven'draaki

In thirteenth year of daughter’s life,
Father’s love and Mother’s strife,
Iron walls begin to fall,
A warning now to all!

When Dragonborn and Dragon meet,
The Herald’s cry, a deafening screech,
Bearer of the Golden’s Fang,
Will need to steel himself or hang.

Prophet of the Gods’ True Name,
Will face the greatest test of shame,
Fear not Bright One, thy soul is safe,
Your goddess warms, by her embrace.

Shadows call from darkened halls,
Beckoning, pleading, DO NOT FALL,
For Mother asks naught without a price,
Your soul she seeks, in fields of ice.

Hunter’s crime will marr his path,
Framed and tried, released his wrath,
The Beast within shall cringe or soar,
Death He Brings, shall ride no more.

A tribute lies in wastes they say,
To remind us of that fateful day,
Stand strong and true, my shining knight,
They mourn your honor and insight.

Deeds of evil, deeds of good,
Shaped a man until he could,
See the light and love of friends,
He walks a road with many ends,

Little one, fear not the lies,
That kept you from your precious skies,
You’ll find a tribe to form this treaty,
A mighty band, Ux Arytissi

A land of honor, war, and pain,
Across the sea, in an ancient land,
When blackened wings tarnish Serpent’s reign,
The Scorpion vows to stay its hand.

A typhoon rises, dark and vile,
Duty bound, to break its seal.
This is but the third great trial,
Of warriors bound to might and zeal.

An empress bound by shadow’s taint
Is not what she may seem,
Take the dragon to spire’s fate,
To wake him from his dream.



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