Reynard's Battle Carriage

Ux Artyissi's Legion Carriage


Upgraded Frame Carriage with Early Age Suspension
Brigadine Armor Upgrade
4 Heavy Helsti Warhorses with Ring Barding

Incorporated Gear:

  • Masterwork Alchemist Kit (Includes: Greater Alembic, Peculator, Distillation Kit, Fire Gloves, Burning Gloves, Fire Seed, Heat Mat, Metal Tongs, Sparker) (71lbs)
  • 4 Man Tent with Insect Netting, Dinosaur Tapestry Depicting a Mage, Portable Altar (Cytherean), Prayer Rug, Altar Shroud (Cytherean), Familiars Pack (x4), Masterwork Animal Trainers Kit, Sage Staff (2), Folding Table (86lbs)
  • Portable stove with 8 Man Mess Kit, Hunting Knives, Hand Mill, Secured Spice Rack and 8 Folding Stools with Folding Table (2) (42lbs)
  • Game Set (Includes: Silver Dice Set, Bones, Cards, Jacks, Memory Stones, Scatter Sticks, Chess Set, Marbles, Set of 5 Ruby Dice (2,500gp)) (4lbs)
  • Tree Stand With Scroll Case (x4), Spring Wall (2), Tripvine (2), Web Net, Heraldic Banner with Swan Feather (Ux Artyissi Banner), Hooded Lanterns (2), Fog-Cutter Lanterns (2), Compass, Grappling Ladder (32lbs)
  • Winch (22 strength with 150 feet of rope)
  • Hidden Weapon Compartments (DC30) (50lbs)

    Storage (500lbs/485lbs used)
  • Extradimensional Chest (2ton Storage) (200lbs)
  • Bag of Holding II – Full of Water
  • Bag of Holding III – 150lbs Blue Ice (as material – Frostburn)
    Chest Item Storage (4000lbs/lbs)
  • Alchemical Items – Instant Rope (4) (4lbs), Salve of Slipperiness (1lbs), Flask (Acid) (1lbs), Alchemist Fire (1lbs), Thunderstone (1lbs), Sparkstone (1lbs)

  • Party Items – scimitar (x4), Masterwork Obsidian Dagger, Masterwork Slings (x4), Lance, Bone Plate, Masterwork Light Wood Shield, Composite Longbow, light steel shield, Masterwork Rapier (x5), Masterwork Handcrossbow (x5), 124 Crossbow bolts, 116 Arrows

  • Party Magic Gear – Large Steel Returning Boomerang (+ 1), Crystal of Energy Assault (Acid; Least), Goggles of Minute Seeing, Drums of Marching, Boots of the Battle Charger, Repelling Gauntlets, Map of the Unseen lands, Cloak of Elvenkind (x3), Bracers of Arcane Freedom, Crystal of Bent Sight, Angel Helm (mic 71), Slaying Arrow (Fae) (2282g), Oil of Magic Weapon +1, Greater True Death Crystal, Crystal of Adaptation (lesser), crystal of Energy Assault (least,acid), Oil of greater magic weapon +2, Horn of Goodness or Evil, Bag of Holding I, Oil of Greater Magic Weapon +3, Universal Solvent,

  • Party Wands/Scrolls/Potions – Scroll-Arcane-Modify Memory, Wall of Fire, Bestow Curse, Reduce Person (mass), Scroll-Arcane-Summon Monster I, Mount, Scroll-Arcane-Modenkainen’s Private Sanctum, Scroll-Arcane-Ventroloquism, Expeditious Retreat, Scroll-Divine-Protection from Law, Wand of Cure Light Wounds (10 charges), Wand of Snakes Swiftness (10 charges), wand of Magic Missile 5th (35 charges), Wand of Eagle’s Splendor 1st (15 charges), Wand of Searing Light 6th (36 charges), Rod of Sure Striking, Staff of Healing, Potion of Remove Disease, Potion of Cure Minor Wounds, Potion – Barkskin, Potion of Jump, Potion of Cure light wounds, Potion of resist energy (electricity 10), Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Potion of Protection from Good, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Wand of Detect Magic (10 charges), Scroll of Glitterdust (arcane), Scroll of Earthbind (divine) (2 charges), Wand of Cure Light Wounds (4 charges), Oil of Greater Magic Weapon (+ 2), Potion of EverHeal (Cure moderate) (1lbs.), Scroll of Unseen Servant (CL:1st) (3 charges) (25g), Scroll of Leomunds Trap (Arcane) (CL:2nd)(2 charges) (200g), Wand of Cure moderate wounds (20 charges) (4500g), Scroll Arcane Daze (1 charge) (12g 5s)

  • Party Swag – Velvet Cloak with Eagle Feathers (250g), Black Onyx and Gold Bracelet (750g), Small Doll Crafted of Gems (11,000g), 4 Black Pearls Set in a Silver Neclace (2000g), Coral Broach with oval jasper setting (1250g), Blue Ice Crown adorned with black pearls (10,000g), Platinum Statue (2660g melted), Adamantine Armband with Filigree carving (5000g), Regal Scepter set with Sapphires (10,000g), Ornate Hammered Brass wine cup (2500g), Golden Topaz Bottle Stopper (3000g), Oil Painting of a Royal Wedding (500g), Eye Patch with a false eye of sapphire and moonstone (6000g), Small Bone Statue (55g), Velvet Gloves (1000g), Onyx hourglass set with Malachite (250gp), Harp painted with pastoral scene (250gp), Mithral Circlet engraved with Elvish poetry (250gp), Silver Poison Ring (x4) (400gp), Platinum Sunburst Crown (Skeleton Kings) (Special), Dragonhide shoes with Electrum buckle (2,500gp), Wool Tapestry (100gp), Silver Choker (900gp), Fire Opal Pendant on Gold Chain (1,000gp), Set of 6 Gold and Silver bells with Jeweled Handles (1,000gp), Jeweled Anklet (2,500gp), Vestments of Celestial Lion Fur (1,000gp), Bronze Music Box with Pearl inlay (2,500gp), Ceremonial Electrum dagger (1,000gp), Gold Dragon Comb (100gp), Life size Darkwood Cat with Yellow Topaz Eyes (250gp), Silver Non-functional Longsword with Jet inlay in Handle (100gp), Mahogany Bracelet Plated with Gold and Platinum (2500g), Coral Saucer (2500g), Solid Gold Idol (500g), Silver Crown with Opal inlay (1000g), Jeweled Gold Crown (5,000gp), Soulstone (mlc 127)

  • Party Gems – Golden Yellow Topaz (1600g), Moss Agate (44g), Malachite (14g), Diamond (40,000g), Obsidian (24g), Amber (100g), Amethyst (100g), Jet (100g), Jade (100g), Ruby (560g), Jasper (180g), Quartz (3600g), Emerald (14,000g), 10 Star Rubies (1000g each), Blue Sapphire (1000g), Clear Jade Cameo Pendant (5000g), Moonstone (1050g), Diamond (3000g), Tourmaline (400g), 4 Diamonds (1000g each), Diamonds (15,000g), Black Pearl (500g), 4 Banded Agate (10g each), 3 Pink Pearls (90g each), Yellow Topaz (300g), 3 Black Opals (800g each), 7 Star Rubies (1000g each), Violet Garnet (5000g), 8 Amethysts (100gp each), Moonstone (50gp), Diamond (500gp), Black Pearl (500gp), Amethyst (800gp), Amber (70gp), Obsidian (10gp), Aquamarine (800gp), Azurite (12gp), Banded Agate (10gp), Amber (70gp), Black Pearl (500gp), Azurite (10gp), Topaz (400gp), Jet (110gp), Tiger’s Eye (10gp), Blue Quartz (12gp), Bloodstone (70gp), Carmelian (60gp), Chalcedony (40gp), Chrysoberyl (90gp), Chrysoprase (70gp), Spinel (500gp), Hemetite (7gp), Jade (130gp), Jade (130gp), Jade (130gp), Malachite (10gp), Malachite (10gp), Malachite (10gp), Moonstone (50gp), Moonstone (50gp), Pearl (10gp), Black Star Sapphire (1,000gp), Emerald (80gp), Violet Garnet (700gp), Pearl (10gp), Emerald (30gp), Emerald (6gp), Lapis Lazuli (10gp), Red Garnet (70gp), Rose Quartz (40gp), Violet Garnet (500gp), Pink Diamond (5,000gp), Amber (100gp), Ruby (1,400gp), Tourmaline (120gp), 25 Onyx (50gp each), Emerald (1,000gp), Fire Opal (1,000gp), Star Ruby (1,000gp), Black Pearl (250gp), 3 Citrines (50gp each), 2 Violet Garnet (500gp each), 2 Opal (1,000gp each), 2 Bloodstone (2,500gp each), Bloodstone (50gp), Jacinth (5000g), Black Pearl (500g)

  • Party Coin – 60,100 Copper Pieces; 12,030 Silver Pieces; 4392 Gold Pieces; 720 Platinum Pieces

  • Reynard’s Personal Storage – Masterwork Scribe Tools (5lbs), Masterwork Candle Maker’s Kit (5lbs), Masterwork Identification Kit (6lbs), Scroll of Glitterdust (1lbs), Scroll of Minor Image (1lbs), Scroll of Obscuring Mist (1lbs), Scroll of Touch of Decay (1lbs), Scroll of Invisibility (2 charges) (1lbs), Scroll of Major Image (1lbs), Sextant (x2), Astrolabe (x2), Masterwork Desert Kit (10lbs), Hydration Suit (10lbs), Sand Tube (5lbs), Scroll of Invisibility (Mass), Scroll of Keen Edge/Tongues,

Reynard's Battle Carriage

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