The Emerald Empire of Hinato is a land of foreign creatures, honor, swordsmen, magic, and political intrigue. Locked in a constant struggle with maintaining the balance against the forces of corruption in the Iyashii Riku, the people of Hinato are fairly new to the intricacies of global trade. As such, relations are still fairly tense with other lands that do not understand the struggle for life that the Hinato face every day. The Eight Great Clans of the Saiketsu Keibatsu rule the day to day lives of the Hinins (peasantry) and have governed Hinato since the Dre’shin united the many peoples of the land against the forces of the Iyashii Riku.

Major Cities -

Tokai Hisui -

Kimigara -

Lo’to -

Sedika -

Dami’hito -

Tategami Geki

Minor Towns -

Fortresses -


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