Major Cities of Kolgaria (pop. 50,000 – 100,000)

Drom’Rovar – The seat of power for the Kingdom of Kolgaria
Von’Gail – The artistic capital, known for its beautiful people and architecture.
Cael’Thi – Major port city, international trade hub.
Stahls – The Shield of the North
Kythe – The agricultural powerhouse, largest area in terms of land
Alventra – The educational capital of Kolgaria, Seat of the Mercurian Circle.

Minor towns of Kolgaria (pop. 10,000-50,000)

Bolstry – Finest steelworkers in Kolgaria, mountain town with access to many ores.
Mìckes – River town, trade routes to many smaller villages.
Galfrond – Seedy town, gang violence, gambling, extortion, and prostitution run rampant here.
Folwrath – Major source of lumber, trade route to Mìckes.
Eavist – Quarry town, hard-working, good-natured people.
Helsti – Smaller farming town, raises the finest horses.
Loth’i – Close to Stahls most of the men grow up to join The Iron Army.
Namas – Swamp town, on outside shelf of the Digraine River.


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