Major Factions

The Kolgarian Nobility – The men and women who rule Kolgaria.
The Iron Army – The pride of Kolgaria, a fine career move for any man or woman looking for glory.
Mercurian Circle – An organization of wizards that stricly controls the proper use and education of magic in Kolgaria.
The Church of Peylor – The main force of religion in Kolgaria, their clerics provide valuable healing in times of need and battle. They also host one of the more complete libraries of standardized knowledge.
Saiketsu Keibatsu – The Eight Great Clans that rule Hinato and it’s subjects.

Minor Factions

Ux Arytissi – Reynard’s own named Legion, and the Tribe that dwells within it.
The Clawed Rose – A secretive organization that spans the world over, rumored to be rich in Dragonlore and magic.


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