Playable Races

Kolgaria -

Half-orc -
Human -

The Sauranna Desert -

Buka -

Hinato -

Dre’shin – A noble bipedal race of scaled humanoids that resemble a cross between elves and serpents.
Hengeyokai – Mystical spirit beasts that learned over the course of thousands of years to shape shift into a humanoid form.
Korobokuru – Short, wiry, crass, and untrusting, these hardy people live in the untouched nature of Hinato. Unkempt and uncivilized as they are, The Korobokuru have finally earned themselves a Clan name and a place among the Saiketsu Keibatsu.
Nezumi – Once a proud and mighty empire, the ratlike Nezumi were destroyed almost utterly by the corruption the Dre’shin brought with them on their Great Pilgrimage from the Kurogane Riku.
Vanara – Wise and long-lived, the Vanara are a race of simians that live among their tall tree cities to the north.

Jubas -

Playable Races

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