The Chronicles of Iridia

The campaign starts in the Kingdom of Kolgaria, a predominantly human country forged with the blood of many men and women. The purpose of this story is to give the players a feeling of character and world growth as they move from “grunts to generals” in the organizations they join and/or create.

The goal is to encourage role playing to the point of evoking real emotion as players deal with the harsh realities and true joy their characters may experience.


The characters start at level 5 using the point-buy-system set at 32 points. It is a high powered campaign where the players should feel as though they truly are the heroes of the story. NPC’s are created using 28-38 points depending on roles and actual involvement in story line. For other extraneous rules used in the campaign check the House Rules or Campaign Idiosyncrasies section of the Wikki.

Hope eveything here is to your liking, for any questions please ask Devon McDougall