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Kolgaria – The main setting of the early campaign. This is the seat of human power in the world.
Organizations – This page gives more information on the different factions and organizations that populate Kolgaria.
The Sauranna Desert – The great desert that separates Kolgaria from Jubas.
Jubas – A nation of powerful Incarnum sorcery, the ruling families have no real interest in the rest of the world, and as such, have chosen to remain neutral.
Hinato – The Emerald Empire is a smaller continent located to the South-East of Kolgaria across the dangerous Nuvian Sea. The mysterious people here only trade with a select few members of Kolgaria’s trade houses.
Orcish Badlands – The great expanse of land directly to the north of Kolgaria is inhabited by Orcs, Goblins, Gnolls, Trolls, Giants, and Kythons. There is no real organization among the tribes that roam freely save for when a leader emerges and takes control of the other “lesser races”. The climate is dry, unforgiving, and singularly hostile unlike anywhere else on the planet.

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Campaign Idiosyncrasies
Player Achievements – A list of feats that will never be forgotten
Playable Races – Self Explanatory

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